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My name is Gabriela Martinez and I am a Hispanic female of Mexican descent. I am a Christian woman, who is passionately in love with the Lord. The greatest loves of my life are my two amazing daughters, Victoria and Sofia. My family is and has always been my greatest support system, and I love them dearly. One of my greatest passions in life, has been supporting women of all walks of life. My goal is to provide them with tools to help them with the ongoing process of maintaining balance in all areas of their lives. I believe that all women can maintain, emotional, financial, and physical healing through a relationship with Christ.


I am a clinical psychologist and I have a private practice in the city of Claremont, California. I obtained a Master's degree in Family Counseling, and a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology, from Azusa Pacific University. I am fluent in Spanish and English and I have worked extensively with multiple cultural backgrounds. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families for more than 20 years. My areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, relationship issues and trauma, related to history of abuse.

I have a special interest in women's issues and have worked extensively with women of different backgrounds.

I utilize a family systems conceptual framework and at the same time I utilize a cognitive behavioral approach to guide my interventions. I believe that by identifying what thoughts are guiding our feelings and our behaviors, we are able to reach a place of healing to any conflict we may be experiencing.

Because I am a Christian, my perceptive and interventions are guided by the word of God. I have a special interest in the integration of a relationship with Christ in helping people heal and maintain a daily balance. I believe in helping people identify their value system and recognizing if it is congruent with the way they are making decisions.

My interventions are guided by research, clinical experience, and biblical principles. I believe in these approaches and personally use them daily, in my process of healing and my ongoing journey to maintain balance in my own life.

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